How to write an APA schema

The American Psychological Association or APA has published specific requirements and recommendations for writing instructions and documents in social sciences. In addition to providing links to quotes, links and welcome pages, there are some guidelines for working with documents and targets

  • 12-Sheriff, Times New Roman, or Courier font for the entire text and at least 8-point font for tables and graphics
  • The text must be a double-spacer interval, including quotation marks and a list of links
  • Page numbers must be in the upper right corner of the paper
  • The fields must be set to 1 " on each side of the paper
  • The title of the dissertation shall be shown on the cover page and then only in the upper left corner of the page
  • The American Psychological Association (APA) does not use the underlined text. The bolted text can only be used for graphics and tables when you need to emphasize and highlight specific data
  • Capitalization is also rarely used. Job titles can only be capitalized if the user name is specified below (for example, he will be the company's president, but in case the last name is assigned to it). In addition, the names of models, theories, diseases and conditions are not capitalized
  • When you enumerate something in APA, and if it is in a paragraph, you must use (a), (b), (c), and so on. However, if you do not want to use a particular order, you must use the dots with the token. Vertical lists are used when you want to specify information, but in a specific order. There is one specific rule for writing APA-style numbers; numbers 10 and higher are written in numbers, but the numbers are 10 or less. An exception is age, time, distance, percentage and various factors if they are not at the beginning of the proposal if they are not at the beginning of the proposal
  • Latin abbreviations are also not used; for example, etc., etc., etc. The language used in the American Psychological Association (APA) should be free and respectful
  • The American Psychological Association (APA) has some specific recommendations that show how to write an APA circuit

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  • How to write an APA schema

    Writing an APA schema is a structure. The basic headings of contour and capital letters use the Roman numerals, which are used for subheadings below. If you want to continue working in subheadings, you will use lowercase letters and Arabic numerals in parentheses. The following is an example of what the APA layout will look like:

    I. Choose the correct thesis for the essay

    A. Reflect his dissertation

    B. Start investigating your thesis

    1. Look for facts and examples that best support your thesis

    2. Outline and draft results and handouts before starting a record

    II. Start writing your essay

    A. The introductory paragraph

    B. Start writing essay

    1. Organize paragraphs in a schema

    a. The most powerful example that supports your thesis should be the first paragraph

    (1) The following organizations are organized and structured by priority and number

    (2) Use at least three arguments to support the dissertation

    b. Use the counter argument

    (1) Ensure that the counter argument can be discussed

    c. Use your personal history to prove your thesis

    Reconsider the schema

    III. End your essay with a conclusion

    A. The last paragraph must have a curly bracket

    1. Make your conclusion convincing and persuasive

    a. Do not change these examples, but sum up the most important and influential part

    b. Use simple but strict clauses

    IV. Always check your essays at least once and make sure that they are correct and well-written

    Full sentences or phrases can be used in a schema. There is another form for defining essay in the APA format, and is called a decimal number. It is rarely used, and if so, the Professor will keep you informed. Only Arabic numerals will be used. Here is a brief example:

    1.0. Choose the correct thesis for the essay

    1.1. Reflection on your thesis

    1.2. Start your research on your thesis

    1.2.1. Find the facts and examples that best support your dissertation

    1.2.2. Outline and draft the results and results before the start of the record

    It is very important that the plan is well structured and written because it shapes the general impression of your essay and has persuaded the audience to accept it and believe in it