How to write a book report

School reports show that they can provide information in a clear, final and concise form. You may think that such essays are completely useless and do not add anything to your knowledge or skills

This is not true: in our age of Internet technologies we become very sloppy in ensuring that information is adequately and without distortion. Instead of describing the plot of the film, for example, we prefer to express our personal opinions about it. The same applies to books: descriptions of books that we read contain only a small part of the contents of books. Thus, when a student hears the phrase "book report", he ties it to a record of a personal opinion or a description of a very interesting situation from the book, and that's all

However, writing a book demonstrates a good skill to understand the book and its messages, and to present them properly and adequately

Understand your challenge

You should make this training by reading not only this book, but also critical analysis. Criticism is very important when you are not familiar with the author's biography, style, personal beliefs and interests, and so on. However, you should not go too far to read the secondary literature, as it would impose criticism on the critics

Another lack of students is to read secondary literature instead of the book in question. It's reasonable to think it's hard to read a 500-page book. But what is the point of writing a book report? You could write a report on the secondary literature

Let' s get a message

Every piece of art has to tell its audience. There is no such thing as art without meaning (even in modern art there is a message for us). Different writers have different ways to communicate this message; one way is to demonstrate it through actions and interactions; the second is the storyteller (who can explain what is going on and why); the third way is to write the word after the word. This, let' s say, depends on the individual style of each author

Messages are usually very abstract. They relate to social (exclusion), economic (poverty), political problems (wars) or study of existential topics (meaning of life, love, friendship, loneliness). There may be a series of "small" messages and a single "big" message that serves as the basis for the entire book

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    Don't describe too much. Your job is to write a report. Traditionally, school records are a few pages. The key is the correct structure of essay, in particular correlation between parts of it. We recommend the following:

  • Information about the author: one short paragraph;
  • graph description: two or three paragraphs. It should not exceed one quarter of the entire report;
  • chars: take two or three characters as points of departure. Tell us about their interactions-this can take up to four paragraphs;
  • message: try to connect it logically to the previous point. This part can have multiple paragraphs (up to one fourth of the report), including references to some critical analyses. Here you can also use short quotes from the book to prove that your interpretation is correct
  • The problem of how to write a book report seems to be solved when you have sufficient knowledge of the book and about the author. Just be careful with your style of spelling and the essay structure. Watch it carefully, and then pass it on to your instructor